The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your LED Neon Sign

You can bring life to any space with LED neon signs. It is amazing what one sign can do for a space. Their bright and colorful light makes them easy to spot. They also add a lot of energy to the area. To keep your LED neon signs looking bright and clean, it is essential to maintain their brightness. It will make your LED neon sign last longer and give you the stunning effect you want.

You are probably wondering what to do with your LED neon signs. It’s very easy. LED neon, which is different from traditional neon, has many small light-emitting transistors (LEDs), that are enclosed within synthetic polymer tubing. This tubing is flexible and can be bent into almost any shape. The polymer tube is easier to clean as compared to traditional neon lights which can get very hot. With minimal effort, you can maintain your LED sign’s appearance all by yourself. An electrician would be required to clean traditional neon signs.

Here are the steps to take care of your LED neon sign.

1. Hang it in an appropriate spot

When you buy a sign you probably already have a place you want it to be hung. You can set up LED neon signs in minutes. They are also very durable and can even be waterproofed, unlike traditional glass neon signs. This is why you may be tempted to put them up in very unusual locations. It’s all part of the fun with LED neon signs.

Keep in mind that the sign itself is quite water-resistant. However, it does come with an adapter as well as an electric cable which must be plugged into a power socket. Like all electrical appliances, you need to limit their exposure. Protect your sign from the elements by ordering an acrylic box if you plan to hang it outside. This will protect it from weather and passersby. An alternative strategy to keeping your LED neon signs clean is not to place them directly under an air conditioner. Here, condensation can build up and cause dust to collect on the sign.

Our signs come with a transparent acrylic background and a wall mounting set. It’s easy to install. You can use them in any weather condition because the PVC tubes have been sealed at the ends using silicone glue.

2. Dust it often

LED neon signs are extremely easy to care for and handle. If you do drop the sign it is the acrylic backing that will likely break, and not the LEDs. It is nearly impossible to crack open the polymer container containing the LEDs. They emit no heat and are almost impossible to break open.

However, traditional neon signs are made out of glass that glows hot in use. One of these signs can shatter if it is dropped, releasing dangerous gasses and glass particles all around.

How can you clean the dust off an LED neon sign Easily? To get rid of dust, you can use a feather brush or a feather duster. Next, clean the sign with a soft cloth or nylon brush with soft bristles. Make sure the sign is unplugged before cleaning. If the sign has been on for a while, it might feel warm to your touch. It is best to let it cool down for a while before dusting.

3. Remove Stains, Grime

This is how to clean any stains that may develop on your LED neon signs over time. You will have to clean the LED neon sign with water. It is best to unplug it before you start. Next, add half a glass of water to a cup of household ammonia and mix it in a container. Apply the mixture to an absorbent towel and clean any dirt that remains on your sign. You don’t have to use ammonia. Vinegar and baking soda are also good options.

The LED neon signs are easy to care for and clean thanks to the polymer shell. It depends on how frequently you place your sign and how fast it gets dirty. Do not soak your sign ever in the water. We can offer suggestions on how to best restore a sign that has been damaged by paint or other substances.

4. You can switch it off every so often

We recommend that your sign be turned off 24 hours per day if you are using it 24/7. This can extend its lifespan. You can request a dimmer for your sign. This will make it easier to maintain and extend its life.

5. Have it professionally repaired

You need to know how you can repair your LED neon sign. It is cost-effective and simple to repair them. However, trained professionals are best to do the job. There are several ways your sign might be damaged. Some indicators will help you determine what the problem is. If the transformer status light flashes while your sign isn’t working, it could be a short circuit. There may be a loose connection. Sometimes the transformer itself might be out of order, which is indicated by a loss in status light.

Any of these cases will be easy for us to identify and solve. Radikal neon signs with a warranty are eligible for this free service. We offer a great 12-month guarantee for all of our custom and standard LED neon signs.

6. It’s possible to replace it if you need.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to clean or fix your LED neon sign. How can you keep the vibe going without it? It is time to replace it. They have a short lifespan, just like traditional neon signs. You can replace your LED signs with it cheaper and easier to operate. Radikal Neon signs can be used for up 40000 hours, or more than 4 years.

The right company will guarantee you top-quality neon signs, which are easy and durable. Radikal Neon’s products and services are praised by customers all over the globe. You have the option to choose from hundreds of templates or customize sign designs. Keep reading our blog and our FAQs to learn more about how to keep your LED sign clean.

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