LED Neon Sign Mastery for Event Planners: Tips and Tricks

We love working with event planners, and we love them back! Here are the top questions we’ve heard over the years that can aid you in planning to use the LED neon sign effectively at your next event. Have you got a question that we haven’t answered? Tell us about it – we’d be delighted to talk with us directly to ensure that you know the answer to making, ordering, and installing your lighted sign that will make your next event extraordinary.

How long in advance should I plan my order?

We will make the LED neon sign for you and then deliver it to you in a matter of weeks. However, you likely require a few hours to consider the way your sign will be displayed at the event. We recommend giving yourself as much time as possible.

How can I match colors for signs to the event color scheme?

Our color choices are listed – check them out and then compare them to your own color scheme. Be aware that the exact hue of the LED neon sign you choose to display will vary depending on whether it’s displayed at night or during the day, whether outside or inside. Your sign will still attract the attention of visitors and entice them, even if it is not exactly matched to the Pantone swatch.

Where’s the best place to display the sign at my occasion?

We recommend hanging your LED neon sign indoors, in a place where your guests will be able to see it. Signs are not waterproof, so you should be aware of this when deciding where to hang the sign. The power cord of your sign will measure six feet in length. You must ensure that you have a source of power capable of accommodating it. We are able to include the power cord for 10 feet at an additional cost, should you need it. It is possible to use an extension cord to gain a longer reach, if needed. Be sure to use common sense when safety is concerned regarding safety hazards for trips and ensure that the cord you choose to use is certified for this purpose if you opt to use an extension cord.

What is the most efficient way to transport the sign to/from the location?

When moving the sign when it is moved, we suggest keeping it in its original container. Avoid people tripping or stepping on the sign by keeping it off the ground. LED signs are more durable than neon signs, however they can still be damaged by rough handling.

Any suggestions for taking photos of the LED neon sign?

Many event planners like to present their efforts through Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms using pictures and videos. Incorporate your neon sign in your social media posts to continue the promotion of your brand’s logo or message. You might consider using your sign in your steps and repetitions? Inform your photographer so they can alter the sign. Time of day, camera stability and light balance will be key photographing the sign. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Avoid using a flash
  2. Affinity-open your camera and keep it as low as you possibly can.
  3. Close-up of the sign
  4. Check that the shutter speed is higher than 1/1000th of a second
  5. Make a few test shots with the exact lighting in which your event’s room will be in case you need to work with your photographer prior to the big event

What should I do with the sign following the event?

So many choices! Here are a few of our favorites:

Include it in the price of the event so that your guest has the sign that they can display in their office or home for years to come

You can use it to organize your next event

* Sell it to someone who is able to use it locally

• Donate it to a cause for be used in a auction or raffle, or to hang in their offices

* Give it as a gift to a client or a family member

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