Crafting a Custom Neon Sign: From Concept to Creation

NeonExperts provides only to businesses and visual merchandise companies. As such, it is very common to have professionals design the layout and design custom neon signs. If you don’t have a professional designer, then read on to learn how to create custom neon signs. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be an expert in design and can begin designing your neon sign right away.

You will first need to decide what type and budget you would like for your custom neon signs. You must know that the cost of a sign will increase as the length of Neon used grows. This blog post will help you determine which type of Neon sign is right for your business.

Use digital software such as Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, or a piece of paper to sketch your design. Because our tooling needs vectors for certain actions, such as cutting the acrylic backing with our CNC laser or printing the paper sheet for reference purposes, it would be best to export the file as a vector format (.svg). You should include measurements so we know the size you need for your sign. It doesn’t have to be exact. You can also send us measurements on one side. We’ll calculate the rest.

NeonExperts has a team of designers to help you realize your neon signage vision. We have some ideas for you if you don’t have any ideas but still want a Custom Neon Sign.

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