Best Sign-Inspired Gifts for the Sign-Obsessed Person in Your Life

It’s Christmas time again. We see twinkling lights on the streets and Christmas songs playing on every radio station.

There’s no need to show your love for someone this Christmas by going overboard.

Here’s a list that we think is perfect for any sign lover. They come in a variety of budgets and are sure to make someone smile.

For Sign Lovers

There are many amazing sign gifts available right now. There are many great gift ideas available for Christmas, regardless of whether you’re shopping for a sign artist, sign maker, or someone who just has an interest.


A custom neon sign from #teamellis would be a great gift for your loved one. Signs can be customized to suit your preferences so we can design and produce something truly unique to you. Perhaps they have a quote they love from a film or a song they listen to often. Please let us know what you have in mind so that we can make a truly unique gift for your loved person this Christmas. Need some inspiration? Check out our ideas for custom neon signs.


Does anyone in your family struggle to get through the day without coffee? We have the perfect gift idea for you. This Rise and Shine mug, by Mondo Neon, is great for anyone who loves to have a cup of hot coffee every morning.


Geordie Store stocks a wide range of Geordie-themed gifts. They have a variety to choose from, including Newcastle United flags or Geordie phrases banners. Take a look at their products if you live near Geordie Gifts, located in the Grainger Marketplace.


Is there a signed artist in your life that you love? Gifts of new sign painter brush to make the perfect Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t want a practical gift for Christmas? There are many choices when it comes to brushing brands for sign painting, but Handover is a favorite. These brushes are not only for professional sign painters, but they also make wonderful gifts!


Books look great on a coffee table and are an excellent addition to our bookshelf. There are many excellent sign books on the market, including a book all about Ghost Signs. It’s an interesting study of London’s faded painted signs. This book is a must for history buffs.


A tape measure is an ideal gift for any sign maker or sign-fitter. There are many choices, such as this personal tape measure. Just add their name to your tape measure or leave a sweet note that they can read every single day.


A roll of vinyl makes a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys creating with Cricut. Cricut offers a large selection of vinyl, including Smart Vinyl (for Cricut joy machines only). You can take a look at some vinyl choices.


We hope this gift guide has inspired you to create the perfect holiday gifts. You can follow #teamellis on Twitter. We post daily on Insta, sharing completed signs. Follow us to make sure you don’t miss any!

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