What has happened to neon signs? Businesses are shifting away from the stunning and vibrant neon signs that were the norm in the market during the past.

While LED and other lighting options for signage are readily available but they don’t have the same advantages that neon signage does. But their standing as classics is undeniable.

There have been many misconceptions regarding neon displays throughout the decades. Bartush signs will debunk the myths surrounding neon displays and restore some of the famous neon signs’ glamour.

Myth 1. The neon signs are filled with toxic gases and chemicals.

Custom Neon signs are often depicted as harmful because they are contaminated with toxic gases and chemicals. It is not true.

Two kinds of gas are utilized for neon signs. neon gasoline (from the source of its name) as well as the gas argon. Both are present in the air we breathe each day.

While some older argon tubes might contain tiny amounts of mercury vapor in them, however, mercury exposure can be extremely harmful when it occurs repeatedly over a long time. Fluorescent lighting can also contain mercury in trace amounts.

Myth 2 The LED sign is not green

Did you know that every element of a neon sign could be reused? It’s true! It’s real All things, from glass to the gas inside the gas, can be reused to serve different reasons. This helps reduce the environmental impact of the world.

Additionally, custom neon signs aren’t as prone to light pollution as many think. Most internal neon signs consume just 100-100 watts of illumination which is less than the typical lightbulb.

Myth #3 The idea that touching neon signs can be risky

The risk of electric shocks from neon lights isn’t as high as it was in the past. The neon light source is now a more secure alternative to other sources of lighting.

The latest legal requirements stipulate that neon signs must be fitted with additional security features, like ground fault interruptions and over-voltage protection. Signs that are neon are typically powered by self-calibrating electrical converters that use the least amount of power to run the sign. This decreases the risk of a shocking accident.

It’s been said that neon signs could burn the skin when touched. But it’s not the case when they’re properly made.

Myth #4: Neon signs are not as powerful or flexible as other signs with lights

A lot of people insist that LED neon signs are utilized to get the best brightness and longevity However, they’re not invulnerable.

Like all lighting sources, LEDs too can become dull. Since they depend on thousands of tiny bulbs located at the front, and occasionally in the back and sides LEDs are prone to becoming dim over time. The signs may eventually have to be completely replaced in the event of failure because of the risk of becoming dull in these locations.

Neon tubes are an original type of light source that can emit 360 degrees of light. They can be seen from every angle.

Neon signs also can display 40 shades and lighted signs usually have eight shades.

Myth 5: Neon signs are fragile and don’t last as long as other signs that are lit

Neon sign-related opponents tend to highlight the sign’s lack of durability and longevity however this is typically driven by personal dislike instead of evidence.

Lighting fixtures can be damaged if it is not taken care of promptly. Certain lighting fixtures aren’t designed to withstand the ravages of such destruction. The process of annealing makes neon lights stronger and less prone to damage, by creating more flexible glass. This reduces stress fractures and makes the glass more flexible.

A lot of people believe that neon signs have a lower lifespan than other kinds of signs. This can range from 20,000 to 30000 hours. However, this is not the case for well-constructed signs. Numerous cases have shown that properly made neon signs can last for up to 10 years without issue.

Signs are the focus of Bartush. We’re committed to providing unforgettable signs that will help you distinguish yourself from the rest.

Contact us now to find out more about our incredible display options. We’re eager to help create your vision of a signage reality!

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