Do you have a neon sign for your business? Here are some quick tips to keep your sign bright and clean throughout the year.

A sign is crucial for any brick-and-mortar business. Not only will it direct customers to your business, but it will also:

  • Give your first impression a memorable one
  • Attract customers while generating good profits.
  • Place your mark on your business
  • Customers should know important details about your business
  • Promotion of brand recognition

Calgary Customized Quality Business Neon Sign Installations

No matter what type of sign you choose, whether it’s a neon or subtle one for your company, our highly qualified staff has the expertise and equipment to install, fix, and maintain all your billboards and signs.

3 Tips for Taking Care Of Your Neon Business Sign

You should know how to properly maintain a custom neon sign. Signs should always be in good shape and kept brightly lit.

This will make your brand more visible and attract more customers. A sign that is damaged, worn, or smudged could cause more harm than good.

These are just a few tips to help you take care of your led neon signs.

1. Keep it out of reach of customers

Neon signs are a popular choice for many people. Signs that are low enough to be seen by customers can easily get damaged. Your sign is bound to be damaged if it is handled by too many people.

For your neon business sign to be safe, consult your Calgary lighting provider about hanging it high and out of the reach of your customers.

2. Dust the Neon Tubes

Each month, clean your neon sign. Regularly cleaning your sign will keep it shining bright and make future cleanings easier. You will need the following tools to clean your sign:

  • Feather duster
  • A small and stiff paintbrush
  • A vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush attachment

ALWAYS TURN OFF YOUR SIGN BEFORE YOU GET TO CLEANING. Use the feather duster for each tube to clean and then use the paintbrush to reach into smaller cracks or crevices. After the tubes are clean, vacuum them carefully.

3. Keep your Sign Connected All the Time

This may seem counter-intuitive. However, it’s better for your neon signs if you keep them plugged in all the time. Why? You need to keep your sign on and off throughout the day. This will reduce its power transformation. Neon signs are not hot due to the use of neon filaments.

Are you concerned about energy costs? A neon light uses very little power, and restarting its power transformer requires more electricity than lighting a sign for several hours.

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